If you are looking for a cat to love you – you have found it. The sacred birman cat bond with their humans for life. The sacred birman cat is curious but not destructive and will not normally be concerned with climbing curtains or lounges. They are very happy to spend most their time indoors watching what you are doing and helping where possible!!!!

All sacred birman "foezel" kittens brought up in the middle of our house as members of the family. Our sacred birman "foezel"kitten usually go to their new homes at the age of 14-15 weeks. When the kittens leave home to bond with their new family, they will be 14-15 weeks old,vaccinated, vet checked, healthy, litter trained and microchipped. Our birmans are all tested on bloodtype, FIV , FeLV , HCM and PKD. Our sacred birman kitten will be sold only after personal contact.

Our kittens will leave their home desexed,there will be no exception! Kitten for breeding only for registrated breeders.

We try to stay in touch with the new owners of our kittens.

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