Photobook  Heaven





**WC.Heaven van d'r Foezel **


Heaven is a bluetabbypoint sacred birman lady to be. She is a kitten from Ananda's H-Litter. She is very gentle and at the time her most favourite thing is eating and cuddeling. Also like her mom she talks to me .Heaven is happy just to be near you. She has excellent show marks and bone structure .A very promising lady,i'm curious what the future will bring.....

Heavens litters: K +N + Q +Z






Testing: --Bloodtype A

              -- Felv-Fif = negative

              -- PKD ( Blood DNA ) negative for gen 1

              --HCM 04-06-2014 negative

Photobook Nisha

** EC.Nisha van d'r Foezel**


Nisha is a chocolate-tabby point sacred birman female with strong bone structure and very good roman profile with nice blue eyes. She is the doughter off our EC.Heaven van d'r Foezel and has inherited her sweet nature. From the day she was born ,it was quit clear she never will leave. She is a very charming lady and dazzeled already many judges with her charme. At very young age she already had her titel Int.Champion. Nisha had also her first litter and is a super mom!! Im very proud of her!!


Nisha's Litters: R+V + Y






Testin:g   --Bloodtype A, en genetic b carrier

              -- Felv-Fif = negative

              -- PKD ( Blood DNA ) negative for gen 1

               --HCM .04-06-2014 negative

Photobook Dara

** Ch. Dara vom Abendhimmel**


Dara is a lilac point sacred birman lady. With Dara in our cattery ,i have a little "old pedigree line" back again.

Dara is the daughter of our breed Lance van d'r Foezel, and the sweet Babydoll vom Abendhimmel both are living in cattery vom Abendhimmel in Germany.

Dara is a very nice big female with nice strong bone structure ,good profile and nice blue eyes for a lilac point colour. In nature Dara is a real sweetheart and i like to thank Petra and Norbert for this treasure!! Im very proud that she is mine!!

Dara had already her first litter and is a real doll to her beebs and enjoys it!


Dara's Litters: S + Z






Testing:   --Bloodtype A, en genetic a carrier

              -- Felv-Fif = negative

              -- PKD ( Blood DNA ) negative for gen 1

               --HCM .04-06-2014 negative

Photobook KissmeQuick


** GIC. Kiss me Quick von Trambamboli**

                    Geboren 06-07-2012

Kiss me is our new talent with in the cattery.

She is a seal point female with a very gentle character. She has a spendid bonestrcture and perfect roman profile. Her socks and gaunlets are almost perfect!!!

Her eyecolour is a deep dark blue.

I am really proud to call her mine!!

My big thanks goes to Heike Mettel from cattery von Trambamboli for this jewel!!!

Every day a see more and more of this doll and cant hardly wait to see her first babies.....

Kiss is after her second litter now neutered!

KissmeQuick 's litters:  W+Aa













Testen:   --Bloodtype A, en genetic a

              -- Felv-Fif = negative

              -- PKD ( Blood DNA ) negative for gen 1

               --HCM .04-06-2014 negative

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